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Since you are visiting our website chances are you just got engaged, renewing vows or celebrating something special, so CHEERS TO YOU! So who is Mike Ross Photography… My fascination with photography began when I was a child following and imitating my father who was a very talented photographer whose images graced the pages of fashion magazines and several prestigious medical journals. While being the son of a photographer sounds challenging it had it perks as we traveled around the States, met and lived among many people from diverse cultures and traditions. Determined to figure out my “life’s calling” in 1992 I decided to combine my love of travel, design and photography and head to the open seas as a Chief photographer on the Cunard Cruise Line / Majesty Cruise Lines. I hopped from cruise lines to cruise lines to develop my people skills and sharpen my eye. I had the great opportunity to be in the Middle East, Mediterranean, Europe, Africa and even the Caribbean on any given day. I was in amazement of the many cultures and how I truly captured photojournalism and documented the places of my travels but one day after another busy day and night I figured there must be more to life then only ship life. So I packed my bags and headed back to the States where I was a staff photojournalist for several CT and NY daily papers before finally landing as a freelance wedding, commercial, editorial, fashion and portraiture photojournalist. After 20 years in this industry, one thing that still rings true is that the more challenging the day is, it is still full of excitement that will unleash my photojournalistic skills in very creative and unlimited way. When photographing your event, I will treat your wedding story just like an important journalistic assignment, blending into your surroundings, moving and thinking quickly and in a non-obtrusive manner, and capturing great dynamic artistic photos throughout your wedding celebration. While 80% of my images are photojournalistic in style, the other 20% round out your photo selection with beautiful creative portraiture, formal family group shots and any other shots you request.

Most of my client’s later comment that they didn’t realize they had been photographed, marveling at the thoroughness of the coverage of the events of the day! Really..I don’t wear roller-skates and I am not Houdini..I swear. I have come a long way since being a staff photographer for cruise ships and have had the great fortune to be noticed and featured in numerous publications including New York Times, USA Today, Connecticut Magazine, and American Profile. My recent work can be seen in the January 2009 Connecticut Bride issue. Professionally, I am a member of the following photography organizations, WPJA, ASMP, EP, APA and IAAP. Choosing a photographer will be a major part of your wedding plans. I believe in letting the event happen naturally and simply documenting the day. In commissioning me as your photojournalist, you can be assured that my manner, personality and big smile will put you and your guests at ease. No one will follow you through the most private moments of your wedding day more closely and respectfully than a great photojournalist. Best Wishes and Good Luck in your search,

Mike Ross

3000 Whitney Ave

Hamden, CT 06518